real world commercial savvy and a true marketing dimension

carbon-dated Carbonsix is a young company with a long history that belongs to its owner and the pen of this piece, Simon Bridges. Kicking off with photography and followed by the addition of graphic design, the path to today was set.

In linear fashion, all kinds of experiences were garnered from diverse projects and clients. Marketing led design, scripting for live action filming, re-branding for local government, you name it, we’ve tasted and learnt from some aspect of the marketing circus.

A decidedly non-linear five-year spell in industry, heading up the marketing for a group of companies manufacturing home improvement products, added a final and significant element into the mix – real world commercial savvy and a true marketing dimension

Carbonsix was founded in May 2010.
Carbonsix is not your typical agency.

Sure, we like to produce great looking work, but everything we do is immersed in commercial purpose. “What will achieve the best results for your marketing investment?” is the mantra we repeat and measure every activity against. We’re not reactive, we’ll be your confident and expert partners, constantly pushing and exploring new possibilities to improve return. We also have a fairly unique business model:

How we do what we do

We have consulting and core skills in-house and a roster of talent at our disposal – designers, web developers, 3-D illustrators, pay per click specialists – the complete ensemble of skills and services.

The difference with the Carbonsix business model is that the majority of our teams are not employed, but engaged on a project-by-project basis. The benefits of this model are considerable. Fixed costs are low and we’re only paying staff costs for the skills we need for a given project – this keeps our charges to you lower – no carrying of unnecessary overhead.

This flexible approach brings the most up-to-date skills and our team is always matched to your requirements. Our fee structure is refreshingly simple and always competitive.

We buy in skills at rates that allows Carbonsix to offer true value, yet brings outstanding creative and technical ability that is further enhanced by commercial insight – a rare thing within most agencies. We’ve handled everything from branding for a start-up, right through to an integrated campaign for an international corporation.

We get a genuine thrill from helping clients achieve success by adding our skill sets to theirs and creating a momentum that carries projects to a positive conclusion.