The Results

  • Consultancy – Garage Door Systems

    Consultancy – Garage Door Systems

    Garage Door Systems, based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, manufactures garage doors. They had seen the work Carbonsix had done in...


  • Consultancy – Teckentrup

    Consultancy – Teckentrup

    Carbonsix was brought in to help introduce a new product line to the UK construction sector for UK/German specialist manufacturer...


  • Brand – Wigan triathlon

    Brand – Wigan triathlon

    Wigan Triathlon had a deceptively simple brief for their new logo – it must link to the identity of Wigan...


  • Brand – Peak Bean

    Brand – Peak Bean

    The Peak Bean Story: Once upon a time, a kooky couple called Andrew & Deirdre spent many a year running...


  • Brand – Silverington Designs

    Brand – Silverington Designs

    Silverington Designs make wall art and decorative panels cut from sheet materials with a precision laser cutter. Silverington Designs wanted...


  • Consultancy – Board&Lodgings

    Consultancy – Board&Lodgings

    Board & Lodgings is a specialist service for Chefs and Restaurateurs. Carbonsix has part ownership and acts as the director...


  • Brand – e-foods

    Brand – e-foods

    e-foods fast growth over eight years to around £50m turnover, drove a need for change. The company's client base was...


  • Web – Woodrite

    Web – Woodrite

    Woodrite “good with wood” A classic online shop window. Woodrite’s easy to navigate site with sumptuously detailed product images has given...


  • Print – Brookfields School
    Print - Brookfields School signage print - Brookfields School photography & Ofsted card

    Print – Brookfields School

    Brookfields SEN (Special Educational Needs) is a remarkable school that educates children with moderate, severe or profound...


  • online marketing – e-shot!
    Gliderol Self Storage e-marketing Chamberlain Doors e-marketing

    online marketing – e-shot!

    The e-shot. Done right, it's a great way to keep you in front of customers let them know you're interested...


  • imagery – stills and live action
    Tea from the Manor petals Imagery Brookfields School

    imagery – stills and live action

    Carbonsix shoots or commissions photography for client projects and also shoots images for their own sake. Art? Maybe not art...


  • print – Tea from the Manor
    Tea from the Manor classic packs and stationery Tea from the Manor telling the story Tea from the Manor tea offer Tea from the Manor brochure and tea menu

    print – Tea from the Manor

    Ahhhh a good cuppa! The mix of “old school charm” and simple clear design has really made Tea from the...


  • Print – e-foods
    Print-e-foods toolkit & ppt Print-e-foods works... Print-e-foods we-care brochure Print-e-foods supply route comparison Print-e-foods site promotions

    Print – e-foods

    Carbonsix acts in a consulting role at e-foods to deliver the company’s  strategic marketing plan. The consistent presentation of information...


  • Print – Woodrite
    print - Woodrite catalogue print - Woodrite price list and catalogue print - Woodrite handle design

    Print – Woodrite

    Woodrite – a new venture that came to Carbonsix with a blank canvas and a simple objective – “We want...


  • Print – Regal Home Improvements
    print - Regal quote folder

    Print – Regal Home Improvements

    Regal Home Improvements needed to be noticed. Carbonsix crafted a visual style for adverts and leaflets that presented a quality,...


  • Consultancy – e-foods
    e-foods consultancy pieces e-foods consultancy literature

    Consultancy – e-foods

    After an initial piece of work to re-brand e-foods, Carbonsix was asked to play a more central role in the...


  • Brand – Woodrite

    Brand – Woodrite

    Woodrite – a new venture came to Carbonsix with a blank canvas and a simple objective “We want to be...


  • Web – Abbey Garage Doors

    Web – Abbey Garage Doors

    The Abbey Garage Doors website is a text-book example of how to create an online presence for a specialist retailer...


  • Brand – Tea from the Manor
    Tea from the Manor packaging & stationery Tea from the Manor kiosk

    Brand – Tea from the Manor

    Time for a brew… …we love a good cuppa and when Tea from the Manor was looking to create a...


  • Web – Nortech
    Nortech website and movie

    Web – Nortech

    With a showroom video, and a video welcome, the profile of Nortech has moved gently up-market without leaving behind the...


  • Web – Janus International
    Janus International website content

    Web – Janus International

    Janus International were part owners of Gliderol Self Storage Solutions until their recent full purchase of the company. Carbonsix was...


  • Web – Tea from the Manor

    Web – Tea from the Manor

    After a rebrand that had really caught the imagination of trade and consumer customers alike, Tea from the Manor came...


  • Web – e-foods

    Web – e-foods

    e-foods online presence had been stuck with a site that was difficult to maintain and lacked structure. Carbonsix took the...


  • Consultancy – Abbey Garage Doors
    Abbey Garage Doors brand identity Abbey Garage Doors Google adverts Abbey Garage Doors website

    Consultancy – Abbey Garage Doors

    Taking a strategic view - Carbonsix conducted detailed analysis of lead generation by location for Teesside retailer Abbey. The review...


  • Consultancy – Gliderol Garage Doors

    Consultancy – Gliderol Garage Door

    Woodrite referred Carbonsix to Gliderol Garage Doors - it’s always good to come with a recommendation and carbonsix didn’t disappoint....


  • Brand – Gliderol Self Storage Solutions

    Brand – Gliderol Self Storage Solu

    Gliderol Self Storage Solutions was struggling to shake off the market perception that it only made storage doors rather than...


  • Brand – Left Bank Café Rebrand

    Brand – Left Bank Café Rebrand

    Host Contract Catering asked Carbonsix to pitch for the rebrand of a café located inside Manchester's People's History Museum. The...


  • Brand – Brookfields – REACH

    Brand – Brookfields – REACH

    REACh (Relationship Education for the Autistic Child) Engagement through eye contact, gender neutral, appealing to children, yet ...


  • Brand – Earth Energy Solutions

    Brand – Earth Energy Solutions

    Green energy from… sun, wind and water. A start-up with an eye on the grant driven demand for green energy...


  • Brand – Rob Whitrow

    Brand – Rob Whitrow

    What do you create for a photographer that doesn't really want a logo but recognises the need to create a...


  • Brand – Peat Hills Dog Care

    Brand – Peat Hills Dog Care

    Peat Hills Dog Care, a small business moving to a new location to fit with its bigger plans, decided to...


  • Brand – Fort Garage Doors

    Brand – Fort Garage Doors

    Fort Garage Doors came to carbonsix after its work within the garage door sector caught the imagination of the founders...