the formulae

be honest, be smart, bring clarity of purpose


“Dr Thomas’ Eclectric Oil Dose Small – Effect Sure”
At Carbonsix we have access to extensive stocks of this invigorating elixir.

Finding the right marketing mix is always a significant challenge for any business. The best route takes an honest look at you, your customers and what you have to offer. Customers are rarely identical and segment by their preferences and motivations. These sub-groups respond in ways that can be subtly or vastly different. Understanding this is essential.

Each tool has a cost, an ideal audience and so on. As an example, e-shots produce trackable results at low cost but aren’t much use to catch one-off consumer purchases that follow no pattern. Knowing exactly what each tool is likely to achieve for you is not a question that can always be answered easily. If it were a simple equation, we’d just punch in the numbers and, hey presto, there’s our strategy.

The smart part is the enablement of this process, shaping a strategy and creating the tools. It’s hard, when you live and breathe your business, to be detached – step from behind your desk into the world of your customers – we’ll make this real. Once explored, you’ll want the clarity of a plan that fits within your resources, goes for the biggest wins first and builds into the future to meet longer-term goals.

This is the Carbonsix formula. Explore the elements for an insight into the building blocks of a strategy.

The Elements

ConsultancyExpertise on hand… If you have a special project or a business objective that needs resource to support, consultancy can help you move forward… More

BrandA visual signature… Your public face – so many clues to what you are all about and the promise you are making to your customers… More

WebThe world of clicks, taps and swipes… The web is a universe of fast moving technology. Good design means an understanding of the web experience… More

Online marketingMarketing to and through the web… A web presence without visitors… helping visitors find your web site and directing traffic to your website… More

Marketing through printPunchy one-off adverts, mailers, suites of product brochures, corporate profiles, point of sale and anything that is, well, printed… More

ImageryImagery = instant communication… Images convey big ideas in just a glance… More