Brand – Left Bank Café Rebrand

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Host Contract Catering asked Carbonsix to pitch for the rebrand of a café located inside Manchester’s People’s History Museum. The objective was to create an identity that raised the profile and would allow marketing of the café as a destination in its own right, extending its market beyond visitors to the museum.

After securing the commission with a strong concept, the brief shifted to a brand refresh for the existing name “The Left Bank Cafe”. The change of direction was taken in our stride and developed across signage, window graphics, work wear, menus, stationery and a loyalty scheme.

The loyalty scheme, named “The Secret Pie Society”, referenced the clandestine nature of some of the early labour movements and incorporated a memorable selection of cheeky, gravy stained moustaches.

Ultimately the project failed to reach implementation but we loved what was produced and wanted the work to be visible somewhere!

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