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Woodrite referred Carbonsix to Gliderol Garage Doors – it’s always good to come with a recommendation and Carbonsix didn’t disappoint. Gliderol is the market leader for one of its product lines – roller garage doors, however it was disappointed with the penetration of its recent range addition, Sectional Garage Doors.

Gliderol Aware

Market research led Carbonsix to create an awareness campaign to highlight existing product features to customers. A 300% increase in sales resulted.

This success led to an invitation to review the structure and approach of the sales force and a new method of managing activity and was shaped for the sales team, leading to improved coverage and more productive sales contact.

“Carbonsix has been extremely helpful in identifying the key issues in our product marketing and sales approach and we’ve achieved a tremendous improvement in sales as a result.” Peter O’Loughlin, Managing Director.

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