Consultancy – Garage Door Systems

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Garage Door Systems, based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, manufactures garage doors. They had seen the work Carbonsix had done in the industry and, having ridden out the recession, were looking to move into growth. Their approach was pragmatic and total, Garage Door Systems wanted to improve “from the inside-out”. What this meant was putting the customer first.

They had great people and wanted a partner to bring together all the strands of activity into useful output. The inside-out approach meant transforming complicated fitting instructions into simple pictorial guides, working on branding for products, reviewing the sales pipeline processes across retail, distributor and partner customers, refreshing product literature and refining the online experience and paid search activity.

No opportunity has been missed to revitalise the customer experience and Garage Door Systems is enjoying positive growth.

“The insight and experience we’ve been able to tap into has been an essential part of gaining the momentum to take Garage Door Systems forward.” Mark McEvoy, Commercial Director

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