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After an initial piece of work to re-brand e-foods, Carbonsix was asked to play a more central role in the marketing of e-foods. Carbonsix recruited a marketing graduate, created a marketing department, which it manages on a daily basis, and put in place a strategy to shift the perception of e-foods in the eyes of its clients and prospects.

e-foods built its reputation by managing care home supply chains with its online system to supply fresh produce from a national network of suppliers. It was ready to shift up several gears and Carbonsix had the job of creating and delivering a plan to allow e-foods to market its supply chain solution for a wider portfolio of products and to a broader audience.

18 months on, Carbonsix has been an enabling factor in substantial growth for the company and acts as e-foods’ marketing director for the delivery of the next phase of growth.

“Carbonsix has transformed the presentation of e-foods. From running trade shows and creating marketing messages to our suite of literature, Carbonsix always brings a creative solution” Paul Mizen, Managing Director.

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