Marketing through print

communicating with good design

Marketing Through Print

A less dominant medium, but far from redundant. Good, marketing-led design, makes it really, really shine…

From punchy one-off adverts and mailers… right through to suites of product brochures, corporate profiles and extending to point of sale and anything that is, well, printed. Bits of paper – love them or hate them, sometimes they are the ideal medium.

Marketing-led design is critical. The right approach, the appropriate medium, well written headlines and copy, concise and clear design and communication are all parts of the mix for getting good engagement with printed messages.

What can Carbonsix do?
• Corporate literature
• Product literature
• Direct mail pieces
• Advertising
• Point of sale, point of presence

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The Elements

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Marketing through printPunchy one-off adverts, mailers, suites of product brochures, corporate profiles, point of sale and anything that is, well, printed… More

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