Imagery = instant communication


A picture is worth… a truism, cliche, whatever, it maybe over-used but it’s worth holding onto, especially if the imagery is powerful

Stills or moving images. carbonsix shoots or commissions photography for client projects and also shoots images for their own sake. Art? Maybe not art but definitely arty. The right picture is a potent means to communicate a brand message or illustrate the attributes of a product.

Live action. A new kid on the block as a Carbonsix service – stretching visual skills into motion is an exciting and consuming process. Scripting, story boarding, directing, shooting, editing and so on – a great tool for the web and an immersive means of communication.

What can Carbonsix do?
• Studio or location
• Pack shots or “big stuff”
• Commercial, industrial, all genres
• In-house or commissioned specialists
• Direction

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The Elements

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