the elements

the building blocks of a strategy


Ah yes, the periodic table of marketing elements, the building blocks of the Carbonsix formulae.

What we have at our disposal is similar, in many ways, to a chef or alchemist – a spectrum of different ingredients, some of which are familiar and others a little more rarified.

Similar again to a chef or an alchemist, it is how these ingredients are selected and blended that makes the difference. If no expertise and experience were necessary, you’d not need Carbonsix and it would be fine dining every night and a pot of gold simmering on the laboratory bench…

What is right for you?

Carbonsix takes a consultative approach to helping you shape the right mix. If you use our consultancy services, great, but if not we still consider your business objectives and resources as a whole to identify the ideal.

We’ve grouped our services into six strands, shown right. Explore these or jump straight to the results of our labours here:

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The Elements

ConsultancyExpertise on hand… If you have a special project or a business objective that needs resource to support, consultancy can help you move forward… More

BrandA visual signature… Your public face – so many clues to what you are all about and the promise you are making to your customers… More

WebThe world of clicks, taps and swipes… The web is a universe of fast moving technology. Good design means an understanding of the web experience… More

Online marketingMarketing to and through the web… A web presence without visitors… helping visitors find your web site and directing traffic to your website… More

Marketing through printPunchy one-off adverts, mailers, suites of product brochures, corporate profiles, point of sale and anything that is, well, printed… More

ImageryImagery = instant communication… Images convey big ideas in just a glance… More