Consultants are toxic…

Consultancy has the potential to stimulate and invigorate your view of what is possible.  

Finding a consultant that doesn’t just recycle old ideas, dish up generic corporate waffle, put forward plans that are out of reach for the resource you have or are even potentially toxic, can be a challenge.  

By sharing the process we use at Carbonsix, the intent is to show you that the ingredients we seek to use in our elixir are of good provenance and will produce a clear route for positive progress.

Carbonsix will give you a grip on what really makes a difference to your current customers and those you want to win. Carbonsix uses a thing we’ve titled “marketing savvy” to illuminate potential.

Marketing savvy comes from asking lots of questions, getting as close as we can to the answers and then working out a way forward. Here are thirteen questions to think about and act upon once you have the honest answers:


    • Brand, product, service – does your market proposition make sense – what business are you in?
    • Clarity – do your customers really understand your offering and is it clear and simple at first look?
    • Market positioning – does the perception match your aspirations?
    • Market segmentation – what makes particular customers tick?
    • Marketing mix – product, price, place, and promotion – is the blend right for each segment?
    • Competitor benchmark – what’s the enemy up to and how do you compare?
    • Market information – is the data you have the right basis for decision making?
    • Distribution channels – are you getting your share of the cake or could you get more?
    • Return on investment – Do the costs and the benefits add up?
    • Where are the opportunities for growth – Relationship marketing or breaking new ground?
    • Pricing models – are your margins where they should be?
    • Sales strategy and arguments – Is your sales effort getting you to the finishing line?
    • Where is the next profit opportunity – is it in new products? Is it in a new way of presenting or servicing your existing proposition? Where is the market going?

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